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ECAO Electrical Association of Ontario (ECAO)

The Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario was founded in 1948 to serve and represent the interests of the electrical contracting industry.

Over its history, ECAO has been committed to addressing the needs of the industry by providing a variety of services directly to the membership, and by making representations on behalf of the entire industry to government and industry colleagues. Its success has been due to the support and active participation of the industry.

Greater Toronto ECA Greater Toronto Electrical Contractors Association

Incorporated as a not-for-profit trade association in 1970, The Greater Toronto Electrical Contractors Association represents electrical contractors in the Greater Toronto Area in industrial, commercial, institutional, high-rise residential, low-rise residential, line/utility, and communications construction and service markets.

WSIB Safety Groups WSIB Safety Groups
Safety Groups Program

Improving workplace safety is easier if you can learn from other firms' experience and knowledge. The Safety Groups program provides you with a network of firms who share the common goal of reducing injuries and illnesses.

Together, Safety Group members pool resources, share best practices and help each other develop and manage effective health and safety programs. Along with improving workplace safety, you can reduce your WSIB premiums and earn financial rebates. The Safety Groups Program began as a three-year trial in 2000 and due to its success became an ongoing prevention program in July 2002.

Construction Safety Association of Ontario Construction Safety Association of Ontario

Established in 1929, the Construction Safety Association of Ontario (CSAO) is mandated to eliminate injury, illness, and death in Ontario construction. Services include training, consultation, and research. CSAO is funded primarily by contractors’ premiums paid to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). CSAO’s directors come equally from labour and management.

The Ontario construction industry has an outstanding safety record. It's the best construction safety record in North America, possibly the best in the world. CSAO is proud of the industry and proud of our role in achieving this remarkable record.

Electrical Safety Authority Electrical Safety Authority

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is a stand-alone, financially self-sustaining not-for-profit corporation accountable to a Board of Directors and operating as an Administrative Authority under the Electricity Act 1998 and an Administrative Agreement with the Ministry of Government Services. ESA is responsible for public electrical safety in Ontario as designated by Ontario Regulation 89/99.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is as old as the commercial use of electricity itself. An affiliate of the IBEW, Local Union 353's charter dates back to 1903. IBEW are one of the largest and oldest electrical locals in Canada with approximately 6,000 members.

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